1. During 4 days, in the context of the Global Social Business Summit in Mexico, 45 people including Danone staff & 3 social business entrepreneurs from the danone.communities ecosystem (EcoAlberto, 10001fontaines, Naandi) split into 4 teams to learn and co-create solutions.
  2. The objective was to make those social businesses move to the next level of impact, with one practical case study at hand: how to replicate the Eco Alberto model ?
  4. It all started on a Tuesday, with a field trip to EcoAlberto: visit of the site run by Maria (Sales director), discovery of the plant, its water pumping system, its quality process and filtering system, logistics & distribution through the multiple selling points of the mountaineous area, schools supplied with Eco Alberto water...and some local surprises from the Mexican hosts ! (Here, an amateur video glimpse of the plant )
  5. Not to forget the discovery of the 2 other activities that EcoAlberto is developping : ecotourism in the very beautiful domain of El Alberto, and testing of growing local fruits.
  6. All in a very cheerful and welcoming atmosphere !
  7. 2 days later, Xochilt Galvez, founder of EcoAlberto & former minister for indigenous affairs in Mexico, was telling the story of the social business she kickstarted. She shared how it has developped into a unique water filtering plant system & an ecosystem of distribution for isolated indigenous communities.
  8. Next challenge : replicate the model to the many communities of Mexico !
  9. To discover more about the "worldwide challenges related to water access", please listen here to the 1st episode of our webradio program called the HotPotatoShow !
  10. ACTION !
  11. The least we can say is that those 4 days have been productive, with 25 Danone water staff working everyday on a series of challenges building strategic framework for a single goal: how to replicate the EcoAlberto model and multiply the impact in a context where 10 million people do not have access to safe drinking water in Mexico ?
  12. Several aspects were covered, and among all of them, the involvement of multiple stakeholders was key : from Bonafont employees to the local communities, local government, trustworthy NGOs and social entrepreneurs.
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