Boston / Watertown Resources

Compilation of tweets leading to resources to monitor the situation in Watertown.


  1. Want tweets from reporters and others who are on the scene? This list lets you see them all at once:
  2. You can also see the people on the list and follow them individually:
  3. Want even more people in Boston? Marshall Kirkpatrick has a list:
  4. Want to listen to the police scanner from the Boston area? Use the links below, and you can also watch local TV feeds:
  5. The scanner can be slow to load, so use the second link below to see tweets from those who are live tweeting what comes off of it:
  6. Here is some key audio from the scanner:
  7. And a map of locations from the scanner:
  8. And a map of various incidents in the area:
  9. And here is the 4am ET press briefing:
  10. And a press recap from around 4am ET: