Bebe Miller: Tracing History exhibition

Collected documentation related to the exhibition Bebe Miller: Tracing History, which was on view August/September 2012 at Ohio State's Urban Arts Space ( in Columbus, Ohio, curated by the Wexner Center for the Arts Jerry Dannemiller.

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  1. A video feature that accompanied a story in the Ohio State Faculty/Staff news, OnCampus.
  2. Bebe Miller Tracing History
  3. Click below to view exhibition installation slideshow.
  4. Bebe Miller: Tracing History installation documentation
  5. Below is an electronic version of the printed gallery guide that accompanied Bebe Miller: Tracing History exhibition at OSU's Urban Arts Space containing essays by Miller, curator Jerry Dannemiller, Bebe Miller Company dramaturg Talvin Wilks, Dance and cultural critic Suzanne Carbonneau, and Ohio State Dance Faculty M. Candace Feck. (click "expand" to view full screen.)
  6. Below is a video (23 mins.) we taped at Danspace Project in June 2012 which was included in the exhibition. Bebe was joined by friends and colleagues Ain Gordon, Candace Feck, Phyllis Lamhut, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Dana Whitco, and Carla Peterson.
  7. Bebe Miller - Tracing History exhibition / Conversation with Peers @ Danspace Project / June 14, 2012
  8. A first-person feature surrounding of the experience of curating the show which ran in The Ohio State University Alumni Association Magazine (September 2012).
  9. photo © Richard Ades. The Other Paper 8/23/12
  10. Bebe Miller - Tracing History exhibition trailer
  11. Poster + invite. (design: Kelly McNicholas at ...
  12. Bebe takes a group of youngsters from the ...