Encouraging digital journalism across the Middle East

A program run by the International Center for Journalists is gathering top young journalists from throughout the Middle East into teams to report on issues that cross borders and affect all of their countries.


  1. With back-to-back training camps spanning the Middle East, a training program that equips young journalists with digital skills for public-service journalism has just entered its exciting final phase.

    Since 2010 the program run by the International Center for Journalists has coached journalists in producing multimedia projects as individuals about problems in their own countries.  Now the program is gathering top trainees in teams of three to report on issues that cross borders and affect all of their countries.
  2. Founded on the conviction that journalists with advanced technological skills can achieve greater impact in addressing problems that face their communities, the training program is named "Building a Digital Gateway to Better Lives" and is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development. 
  3. The transformation of the training program began in late August in Amman, Jordan, as the International Center for Journalists, or ICFJ, completed training of the fourth and final cohort of journalists under the program who will produce individual projects.  Journalists from throughout the Middle East and North Africa gathered at the Jordan Media Institute for a week of training.
  4. "The training camp of the International Center for Journalists brings together young investigative reporters from many Arab countries," trainee Ahmed Shamy tweeted (below).
  5. The training familiarizes journalists with cutting-edge digital techniques, such as the workshops excerpted below by Ali Ghamloush about covering events live on social media, by Amr Eleraqi about adding interactive elements to a news website, and by Alaa Chehayeb on promoting one's work via social media.
  6. The training also reinforces important practical skills and knowledge such as varying press freedoms from country to country, ethical issues that arise with digital media, investigative techniques, and personal safety.