Dani Inspects Plymouth Brethren Distinctives: The Lord's Supper, Part 1.


  1. I grew up as a conservative (arguably fundamentalist ) Christian in the not-well-known denomination Plymouth Brethren. I was extremely dedicated as a Christian and a proponent of the assemblies (as Plymouth Brethren often call themselves since they strenuously refuse to use a denominational marker because they believe it creates disunity in Christ). I was extremely vocal about my beliefs both as a Christian and as that particular kind of Christian, and was very involved in the church.

    For the past few years, but particularly since my deconversion from Christianity altogether, I’ve been thinking a lot about my experiences with the Plymouth Brethren. I've decided to deconstruct a bit of the things I was taught growing up by doing series of tweets about Plymouth Brethren distinctives from my memory, various sermons I heard, and articles that I can find.

    Today's topic was the Lord's Supper.

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