`Jesus wept' or tears of joy? Faithful respond to SCOTUS

As news broke of the big Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage, religious leaders and journalists took to Twitter to express praise or condemnation.


  1. Catholic Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas criticized the rulings.  
  2. His fellow bishops backed him up...
  3. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee wasn't happy either.
  4. Fox News commentator Todd Starnes put the matter more starkly. 
  5. On the other hand, David Silverman, President of American Atheists, celebrated.  
  6. Muslim comedian Dean Obeidallah took a long view of today's decisions. 
  7. So did Southern Baptist leader Al Mohler, albeit from an opposite pole. 
  8. Fellow Southern Baptist Russell Moore indicated that the debate over gay marriage is far from over. 
  9. Other evangelicals, like Jonathan Merritt, seemed almost resigned to today's rulings. 
  10. Mormon writer Joanna Brooks, on the other hand, was downright celebratory. 
  11. As was Rebecca Wilson, an Episcopalian and communications expert. 
  12. Other Episcopalians backed her sentiment...