Daniel's Twitter Scavenger Hunt #SMMUF

Here are the tweets that I collected for my scavenger hunt. I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Before I began my scavenger hunt, I sent a tweet to all of my followers explaining to them what I was going to do.
  2. Extracurricular extravaganza: I stopped by the 34th St. wall and watched as students from Gators for UNICEF painted the wall.
  3. Favorite food/drinks place: This choice was easy for me. I love going to the burger restaurant Relish. I took a picture of the food challenge that I completed a few months ago. Ask me about it in class!
  4. Academic excellence: In between classes I stopped by Library West and got a free library card for the Alachua County library.
  5. Summer fun: Even though the water wasn't on when I stopped by, this is one of my favorite places on campus to jump around when it's really hot. You can see the little holes where the water spurts out from.
  6. School spirit: I love going to Gator Walk before football games and watching the team enter the stadium about three hours before kickoff. It's definitely something that everyone should go to at least once.
  7. Fanatic fans: This was after the Gators had throttled Eastern Michigan 65-0 and this student was pumped. He was bold enough to predict an undefeated season for the Gators. They're off to a good start so far.
  8. Scenic spot: This was easily favorite place on campus. On a bright sunny day you can see the sun reflecting off of the O'Connell Center and it helps brighten up the football stadium as well. It's a great view in between innings during Gator baseball games.
  9. Student on the street: This student was eager for the semester to unfold because he needs to work hard to get good grades so that he can get into the law school of his choice.
  10. Freestyle: I spent all summer working out on pull up bars back home. I learned all types of tricks. When you combine the tricks it's called freestyle. I thought that it would be great to catch a photo of me mid freestyle at my favorite place to workout on campus. 
  11. Here are my three favorite tweets that my classmates posted:
  12. @HALA_Taylor caught a fantastic photo of the Florida Pool. It's definitely a great place on campus to relax. Besides that, it's just nice to look at.
  13. @DamarisLopezPR caught to great photo's of Starbucks Coffee. I enjoy a good cup of coffee every now and then. I can easily relate to this photo because of how important it is in a students daily routine.