Your Entitlement Is Showing

#SOT #SOV ... but apparently only if they're white, male, Christian, and want to make nihilism & Sparta great again.


  1. It all started with this meme, but has been percolating for several years as I turned into a bitter older veteran who has found the newer generation of veterans wanting. I'm not the only older vet who considers the attention seeking of the newer set unseemly. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's a generation gap, or just maybe, we expect our younger brethren to behave with a sense of decorum, particularly when it comes to "woe is me" stories and standing up for those we may have once protected.
  2. I felt like I had to draw a line here, because support for those fleeing war and/or persecution and support for our nation's veterans should never be a zero sum game. This is a company that, as of last summer, had six employees. Which is laudable, to be sure, but when you make claims like this, the cognitive dissonance can give you whiplash. Now you veer into portraying any refugee from the Middle East, including my neighbors (who make wonderful shawarma btw), as future mass murderers. This. Is. Patently. False. 
  3. I respect the hell out of Luke, and he is spot on with this thread. The more vocal members of our community can't seem to feel validated in any way unless the story centers on them. This is infuriating, not merely because there are so many more pressing veterans issues than what color Gruntworks shirt I should buy.
  4. This tweet gained some traction, but I only saw it as a declaration of the painfully obvious. We volunteered to serve the country, yes. We are not owed anything in return. Maybe health care? But please. I stopped going to the VA when I found out I could get a better orthopedist - and not wait nearly as long - through my private health insurance.
  5. Ooh, the evil bogeyman Mooslims are gonna come here, institute Sharia law, take away our guns, and ... just shut up already. If you really had done those long foot patrols in (insert name of Iraqi or Afghan shit hole here), if you had, you know, spoken with an imam or a haji (an actual haji, not the epithet that respectful word has become), you might know more about Islam than what state tv Fox News tells you.
  6. Scruggs is an example I bring up whenever I get a one-on-one with a younger vet. Regardless of what one may think of him personally, his accomplishments and pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps story alone are worthy of emulation.
  7. That novel and movie about Thermopylae have done such a disservice to veterans who now see themselves as modern day Spartans. Oh really? What about them do you most admire? The krypteia that wantonly killed slaves to keep them fearful and subservient? The agoge that institutionalized child rape? The phalanx that was so hidebound that cavalry and archers defeated it at Leuctra?
  8. This is the sort of "patriotic" veteran I simply can not stand. "These colors don't run." Um, yeah, they did. At Gettysburg. Vicksburg. All through Sherman's march. At Appomattox Court House.