Belle and Herman's Wedding

Welcome to Mackinac Island Welcome everyone! Today we are celebrating the joining of @Tattlecat Herman and @Frankencat1 Belle.


  1. The wedding is taking place at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan. It's just lovely here.
  2. 1a.Intro.SomewhereInTime
  3. Did you know that the movie 'Somewhere In Time' was filmed here? It's very romantic.
  4. Today's wedding also coincides with the Lilac Festival that is held on the island every year.
  5. Belle and Herman's wedding party, make sure you say hello
  6. Our dear friend Marie @Cats_meows is the Welcome Hostess
  7. We have some wonderful musicians playing at the wedding today
  8. @DylCat1 is the GuestBook Attendant, make sure you find him to sign the guest
  9. Please sign the guest book by leaving a comment. Thank you
  10. @TiggyBean and @CapnPeanutZilla are the ushers today, they will be bringing guests by carriage.
  11. Some VERY special guests have arrived!! Parents of the Bride and Groom!
  12. Marie @Cats_meows is outside the hotel welcoming guests as they come in..
  13. Herman, Niss, Truman, and Monty in Herman's room getting ready…. does Herm look nervous?