Educational Technology is the Future

Technology has become both the source and the topic of most human knowledge and initiative.


  1. You are probably already familiar with how to use TED Ed lessons to create interactive lessons around YouTube videos if not then check out this visual step by step guide to learn how to do it. Today TED Ed rolled out the list of the most popular TED Ed lessons of 2013. The list is created by TED-Ed staff and " each staff member spends so much time reviewing and working on each lesson, so getting folks to pick just one was quite the challenge!
  2. 3 Phases of Educational Technology
  3. If no improvements are made with the adoption of new technology, then there is no point to utilizing any technology except for the most basic required to obtain that unchanging level of learning. Therefore, to justify the continued experimentation with and exploration of new technologies: smart classrooms, use of podcasts, access to the Internet, laptops for every child, and on and on, we need to assess our outcomes, make incremental changes in our methodologies to address shortcomings, then assess again, closing the loop in order to evaluate the efficacy of our work.