Staying Sharp NYU: BraiNY

Ask the experts about keeping your brain young


  1. Happy Brain Awareness Week! On Wednesday, March 12 Staying Sharp was at New York University's Langone Medical Center as part of braiNY, the New York City collaborative celebration of Brain Awareness Week. For more information on braiNY go to We've collected tweets, photos and other elements from the session below in this Storify post.
  2. The panel of experts from NYU Langone's Comprehensive Center on Brain Aging were: Yael Zweig, NP, Nurse Practitioner, Department of Psychiatry, Ricardo Osorio, MD, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Center on Brain Health, and Lidia Glodzik, MD, PhD, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Radiology and Psychiatry, Center on Brain Health.

    Attendees of Staying Sharp NYU also had the opportunity to pick up a Staying Sharp info bag and maybe even a real human brain at the NYU brain fair outside the auditorium.
  3. Staying Sharp NYU started at 2 pm and ran until 4 pm. The program began with a brain warm-up exercise routine. The brain fair displays were open from 1-5.
  4. Professional trainer Linda Meyer even got the panelists involved in the Brain Warm-up!
  5. After everyone got their blood running with the Brain Warm-up the moderator, Camy Sleeman, started off the Staying Sharp panel discussion with a few questions on normal versus abnormal brain function.
  6. The panelists discussed how to recognize normal cognitive and behavioral changes versus changes that may be more problematic. Here's some of what they had to say:
  7. Episodic memories are long-term memories that involve specific events, situations and experiences.
  8. The panelists also discussed the merits of brain-training computer games.
  9. The discussion of computer games led the panelists right into the importance of exercise and the four factors to Staying Sharp.
  10. Staying Sharp Background Image  (2)
    Staying Sharp Background Image (2)
  11. Eating well and controlling vascular risk factors are extremely important for your heart and brain. The panelists described how these two vital organs have enormous impacts on each other.