Staying Sharp: Buffalo, NY

Ask the experts about keeping your brain young

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  1. Hello from Buffalo, NY! This past Saturday, September 28 we were at the Hearthstone Manor in Depew, NY for another Staying Sharp session. Tweets, photos and other elements from the session are collected in the Storify post below for this session. To view Storify posts from previous sessions go to
  2. Our moderator, Bill Armbruster, of AARP NY, in the middle of our panelists Dr. Wolfe (on the left) and Dr. Englert (on the right).

    Gil I. Wolfe, MD, FAAN is a Professor and Chairman of the Neurology Department and the Irvin and Rosemary Smith Chair at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences/SUNY. Dr. Wolfe's main expertise are in idiopathic and immune-mediated peripheral neuropathies and myasthenia gravis.

    Jessica J. Englert, PhD is a clinical neuropsychologist in the Department of Neurology at DeGraff Memorial Hospital Kaleida Health. Dr. Englert is a clinical neuropsychologist who provides assessments for adults and children with neurological conditions, memory disorders, medical illnesses that affect cognition, pre-surgical evaluation, psychiatric illness, Learning Disorders, and ADHD.
  3. Attendees of Staying Sharp always get a free info bag with Staying Sharp materials. For information on these publications go to 
  4. The Healthy Brain Fair ran from 9 - 10 am. As attendees arrived they were able to speak with and collect materials from local and national organizations.

    After the Healthy Brain Fair, professional trainer Richard Derwald got the audience moving with a Brain Warm-up exercise routine.
  5. Following the Brain Warm-up the audience of over 400 active-agers sat down for the Staying Sharp panel discussion.
  6. The panelists started off by introducing some important neuroscience concepts to the audience.

  7. Degenerative disorders — Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and others — were areas of major concern for the audience, and for good reason, they affect more than 45 million people worldwide. Dr. Wolfe and Dr. Englert spoke with the audience about these disorders, including some positive notes.
  8. After a discussion of the various neurological disorders and diseases it was time to cover the positives.
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  10. Luckily, just by attending the Staying Sharp program, these active-agers were already addressing one of the four factors.
  11. But, the panelists made sure to explain the importance of each of these factors and what the audience could do to address them.