How to Have Great Oral Hygiene with Braces

Everyone likes to smile and when you think of a smiling face the first thing that comes in your mind are a set of perfect teeth.


  1. Some people have perfectly aligned teeth others are not so lucky and have to get braces. There are some benefits of braces like they help align you teeth in a perfect symmetry, they help strengthen the teeth and avoid wear and tear. They also help prevent cavities and decay. However having braces is a commitment both economic and physical.
  2. Why is it important to maintain oral hygiene?

    It’s very important to take care of your oral hygiene and when you have braces you have to take extra precautions. Proper brushing and flossing regularly is a key to maintain clean braces. You have to make sure all the accessories, wires and brackets are properly cleaned.
  3. Our New Hygiene Video!! How to take care of Your Braces!!
  4. The reasons for maintaining clean braces are as follows:

  5. 1. No one likes to keep the braces on for a long period of time and to ensure you get the required results from the braces it is pertinent that you keep them clean and in perfect shape. Proper use of braces can help reduce the timeframe of keeping the braces on.
    2. One gets susceptible to swollen gums and even cavities if you don’t keep your braces clean.
    3. In case you don’t maintain your braces clean you will get stuck with problems associated with oral treatment rather than achieving your goal of a perfect alignment of teeth therefore lose precious time and money.

  6. 4. Just think of pasting a sticker on your car and leaving your car parked outside the home every day without covering it or cleaning it. After a few days you will notice that there would be layer of dust on the car and if you leave it on the car it might leave a permanent mark but when you remove the sticker you would see the original color of the car and you could easily differentiate the patch on the car. Similarly your braces are like stickers or frame attached on your teeth. If you don’t clean your teeth regularly there will be a layer of plaque or stains on your teeth however the part of the tooth covered with the braces will be clean underneath thus when you remove the braces your teeth would have spots on them which might become permanent. Hence your goal of a perfect smile will be lost forever.
  7. Steps to maintain your oral hygiene of your braces

    Cleaning the braces and maintaining a good oral hygiene although takes some time and effort but it is totally worth the end result. Here are a few steps that can be followed to reduce time and effort:
    Step 1: Arrange your equipment

    Keeping your equipment in order helps save time as you know where each item is placed and you don’t have to look for it here and there. You can get a kit from your dentist that will include:
    • Inter-dental brush
    • 4-Tuft Interproximal Brush
    • Floss and floss threader
    • Tooth brush
    • Mirror
    Step 2: Clean all the braces regularly

    Using the inter-dental brush you can clean the arch wires and brackets. You have to move the brush around the mouth on each set of bracket.
  8. Step 3: Don’t forget to floss

    You have to make sure you clean your arch wires using floss. Make sure you floss up your gum line gently.
    Step 4: Brush regularly

    Clean your brush using a soft brush so you don’t damage the braces or your gums.
    Step 5: Enjoy your smile

    One the cleaning process is complete don’t forget to smile and enjoy your smile.