What are the Lessons from Happiness Science?

Personal and national wellbeing concepts are much more than new age post-hippy thinking. There is science behind the happiness movement. Here are important science takeaways from the World Happiness Summit in Miami in March 2017.

  1. The science takeaways from The World Happiness Summit, including the government and academic tracks, and the FreeBalance International Steering Committee conference include:
  2. 1. Social justice plays a significant factor in subjective wellbeing
  3. 2. Education systems create environments for personal knowledge and growth, or stress and dysfunctional learning
  4. 3. Physical and mental health are critical to happiness and wellbeing
  5. 4. Quality employment leads to improved wellbeing while unemployment is toxic to wellbeing
  6. 5. Economic growth often leads to increased stress resulting in reduced wellbeing and happiness
  7. 6. Social capital including community, social connection and trust is associated with higher perceived happiness
  8. 7. Genes are not entirely predictive of future happiness because brains can change for the better
  9. 1. Social Justice and WellBeing
  10. 2. Impact of Education
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