Business Case for Open Government [Preview]

some material in anticipation of my CeBIT presentation tomorrow


  1. Trust is a key driver for open government - where "closed" and "opaque" have become increasingly expensive.
  2. Why Citizen Engagement: Roxane White at TEDxMileHigh
  3. Professor Matt Andrews of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government has pointed out that government transparency is an example of trying to look good, rather than doing good.
  4. Open data promises to increase efficiency. According to open government expert David Eaves, governments are often the largest consumer for open data is other departments from that government.
  5. David Eaves: Open Government
  6. Gov 2.0 Summit 2010: David Eaves, "How Open Data is Making ..."
  7. Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media coined the concept of open data innovation as "government as platform." This is an important concept that helps us to weigh the "economic value add" of open data and the subsequent increase in tax revenue.
  8. Gov 2.0 Expo 2010: Tim O'Reilly, "Government as a Platform for Greatness"
  9. PandoList: Webizen Tim O'Reilly On The Next Generation Of Government
  10. Many observers are concerned about the cost and sustainability of open government and the notion of whether government is a platform or could be a platform. Andrea di Maio of the Gartner Group, a technology analyst firm, brings practical concerns and an ability to pick out the important nuances. This and the perceived threat of transparency are citical to address
  11. Andrea Di Maio Discusses Government 2.0
  12. There is a new calculus in open government: the unleashing of open data through big data techniques.