1. DUKE VS WISCONSIN #whoyougot #okafor #kaminsky #bluedevils #badgers #finals #
    DUKE VS WISCONSIN #whoyougot #okafor #kaminsky #bluedevils #badgers #finals #
  2. At the half, Okafor had two fouls. Kaminsky was aggressive after the break in trying to draw fouls. Just a couple minutes in, Kaminsky got it. Okafor apparently just needed to find some chill.
  3. Though a lot of people were jumping on the Kaminsky bandwagon at this point, some were still skeptical of his chances at the professional level. GUYS, THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP IS NOT EVEN OVER.
  4. Well, these projections for the big men going to the NBA couldn't be more different. Sorry, Okafor, looks like another year in school for you.
  5. Here come the Kaminsky emoji Tweets. If this isn't what social media victory looks like...
  7. Here's a weird photo shopped picture of the two big men for fun.
  8. Close game at half Wisconsin Vs. Duke 31-31 #duke #Wisconsin #Okafor #Kaminsky #ncaatitlegame
    Close game at half Wisconsin Vs. Duke 31-31 #duke #Wisconsin #Okafor #Kaminsky #ncaatitlegame
  9. Perhaps some foreshadowing!? While Okafor sat on the bench early in the second half, his teammates were keeping the score close. Wisconsin held on to a 51-49 lead with 10:42 left in the game. He checked in after a timeout at this point.
  10. The scoring was good with Okafor on the bench, but he came in and forced a three-point field goal by Kaminsky.
  11. That didn't last long. One play later and Kaminsky drew a fourth foul on Okafor. Still, it was just a 54-52 lead for Wisconsin with about nine minutes left to play.
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