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Twitter kills Chris Brown, again.

A hoax death tweet by a faux news account sent the micro-blogging platform into a tizzy on the evening of April 26. Tweets curated by Fruzsina Eördögh (@FruzsE) for the @DailyDot


  1. Most Twitter users reacted with glee, sarcasm, or ambivalence. 
  2. Many waxed meta on the Twitter death hoax phenomenon. It's almost as if Twitter users have become desensitized to imaginary violence. 
  3. But others were not amused by the hashtag. AT ALL.
  4. Others couldn't help but mention Rihanna.
  5. In fact, most popular tweets mentioning #RIPChrisBrown were about Rihanna.  The public, or at least Twitter, has yet to forgot about the domestic violence incident that took place between the couple three years ago.