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27 reported dead in Conn. elementary school shooting

At least 27 people, including 18 children, are reported dead at a school shooting in Connecticut. Curated by Kris Holt (@krisholt) for the @dailydot


  1. Twitter reports from close to the scene suggested a large number of ambulances attended and that visitors to the school have to be buzzed in.
  2. Dave Altimari, a reporter at the Hartford Courant, provided updates on Twitter.
  3. A nearby hospital reported on its Facebook page that it was in lockdown as a precautionary measure.
  4. A number of photos from the scene emerged on Twitter and Instagram.
  5. One redditor claimed to be locked down at a neighboring school. All schools in the area were in lockdown.
  6. Instagrammers who are apparently students at other locked-down schools in the area shared photos. One wrote that she was “so scared” and another used the #scary hashtag.
  7. In lockdown I am so scared #schoolshooting
    In lockdown I am so scared #schoolshooting
  8. #lockdown #schoolshooting #newtown #scary
    #lockdown #schoolshooting #newtown #scary