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Reddit swoons over Ridiculously Photogenic Guy—again

With only a small amount of water, a Chia Pet can grow into a plant in a few weeks. Similarly, it only takes a little bit of water and a few hours to turn Zeddie Little, better known as Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, into a new meme. Storify curated by Fernando Alfonso (@fernalfonso) for @dailydot.


  1. Little became an overnight Internet sensation after a photo of him smiling and running in the Cooper River Bridge Run was posted on Reddit, leading to serious mainstream attention and spot on national morning news program. 
  2. Since appearing on Good Morning America, Little has become a regular celebrity. He was recently noticed at a bar sometime Tuesday night by a reddditor, who uploaded the following photo
  3. And before long, the photo reached Reddit's front page, where it collected the following remixes and comments. 
  4. Redditor TheDroopy wrote, "I'd go grab a pregnancy test just to be safe. Even if this was your only interaction with him." In turn, user letsphotoshopthat4u created the following ultrasound image:
  5. Redditor posts_gifs posted the following animation:
  6. Redditor popsicle_cell_amenia commented: "TIL I'm gay." To celebrate this momentous occasion YourMusicalComment set popsicle_cell_amenia's comment to some snazzy music.
  7. Popsicle_Cell_Anemia's comment