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A raid to free sex slaves, live-tweeted from Cambodia

Nicholas Kristof (@nickkristof) live-tweeted a raid on a Cambodian brothel last night, enthralling his millions of Twitter followers. —Curated by Kevin Morris (@kmmokai) for the Daily Dot (@dailydot).


  1. For many on Twitter, the events began with little forewarning. Kristof's first tweet about the raid was sudden and to the point.
  2. Things escalated quickly.
  3. Kristof's followers reacted with amazement as they watced the events unfold.
  4. Kristof summed up the event on his Facebook page: "Just tagged along with Somaly Mam on a raid on a brothel in northern Cambodia. It was very tense, because brothel was run by a military family and well-armed. Two carloads of police with Ak-47's. A half-dozen girls rescued, youngest is about 13, trafficked from Vietnam. Some other girls missing, not sure if they are hidden somewhere. Then seven soldiers arrived, armed, and ordered the police to release the military officer alleged to own the brothel. The prosecutor refuses, and tells the soldiers that if they want to stop him they can shoot him. Brave guy. I think they're all going to go to the police station together. But whether or not he gets away, the girls are free. Amazing to watch and honored to watch Somaly in action."
  5. Kristof is in Cambodia to film 
    Half The Sky, a documentary based on his book of the same name. In the 2009 New York Times video below, Kristof speaks to victims of sex-slavery in Cambodia. 
  6. On the Ground with Nicholas D. Kristof - The Face of Slavery