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Handing it to Julian Assange

Iconic 21st-century man Julian Assange has been analyzed by every major media organization on the planet. But to our knowledge this is the first time he has had his palm read and his tarot cards told by an Occupy protester via Twitter. Curated by Lorraine Murphy (@raincoaster) for @DailyDot


  1. We thought we'd bring in some astrology because, hey, why not? Collect the whole set!

    So let's hand it off to Judi Vitale of, who around this time last year prognosticated on the fates of Assange and the Middle East with quite shocking accuracy.
  2. Julian Assange, Sun and Uranus Poster Boy
  3. Julian Assange & the Middle East
  4. For astrology nerds, of course we have a chart.
  5. And, just because we're ecumenical when it comes to different forms of occult augury, we will include one more mysterious and esoteric way of looking at this most intriguing of subjects. 
  6. Peace out!
  7. Assange Episode 2: Left & right in 21st century