The Internet reacts to Bryan Goldberg’s launch

Twitter handed Bustle creator Bryan Goldberg a giant "You Tried" sticker, which is one of those memes Goldberg says more women's mags should be covering.

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  1. When Bryan Goldberg proudly announced the launch of his $6.5 million Internet enterprise, he undoubtedly thought he was contributing something valuable and necessary to the world of women's publishing.
    Of course, as Twitter was quick to inform him, this was exactly the problem.
  2. Along with the spluttering commenters on Goldberg's blog post, Twitter took issue with the website's name…
  3. …the tone of the announcement…
  4. …the website content…
  5. …and the idea that what women need is another condescending variation of Glamour purporting to understand "women" as a collective, instead of unique groups of people with their own variant interests. Like, gee, IDK... men.
  6. Twitter celeb Anil Dash ran with the hashtag #GoldbergStartups, for more unnecessary and well-trodden business ventures that no one needs:
  7. And there's the fact that, well, as a reputable media outlet, Bustle's kind of on the low-paying end: