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Twitterers lash out against Monica Crowley's lesbian "joke"

Fox News's Monica Crowley is under fire for joking that beleaguered birth-control advocate Sandra Fluke is a lesbian. Curated by Kevin Collier (@KevinCollier) for @DailyDot


  1. It started off when Crowley joked for some reason that Fluke might be lesbian. At first, the anchor defended it as a "straightforward question."
  2. Many learned about Crowley's initial tweet from Rob Delaney's response to her. One of the most popular comedians on Twitter—his 385,000 followers dwarfs Crowley's 29,000—Delaney almost never breaks his comedic schtick.
  3. That opened the floodgates for criticism of Crowley. She retweeted twitterers who were outraged:
  4.  But she was unrepentant about her joke:
  5. Of course, that wasn't the extent of people who Crowley pissed off. A sampling of some others:
  6. Some users even started the hashtag #CrowleyJokes, where they try to match the anchor's sense of humor.