Facebook becomes a public company

The world's biggest social network has become a multibillion dollar public corporation. As Facebook's first day on the stock exchange took place, the Web reacted in real time. Curated by Kris Holt (@krisholt) for the @dailydot.

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  1. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg got the ball rolling on the day when he rang the Nasdaq opening bell.
  2. Mark Zuckerberg Rings Nasdaq Opening Bell
  3. The company pulled off a neat trick when it rigged the Nasdaq bell button to add an event to Zuckerberg's Timeline. 
  4. "Mark Zuckerberg listed a company on NASDAQ" - of course there is an open graph verb for that!
  5. Facebook's CEO also signed Nasdaq with the message: "To a more open and connected world - MZ." That phrase was displayed on Nasdaq's Times Square big screen:
  6. As the stock market opened, all eyes in New York's Times Square turned to the Nasdaq screen, as The New York Times' Brian Stetler's Instagram photo shows:
  7. 9:30:00 -- a moment of silence in Times Square -- as eyes & cameras peered up at the NASDAQ screen. #facebookIPO
  8. After Zuckerberg rang the opening bell, there was an expected 90 minutes before the stock was expected to start trading, causing impatience among viewers.
  9. lolz, watched zuck ring the opening bell, then found out trading for an IPO this size usually takes 90 min to start, back to thesis work
  10. However, there was a delay in proceedings:
  11. After the shares finally hit the market at around 11:30 am Eastern Time, trading activity took off sharply:
  12. Since it's such a big day for Facebook, of course some of the focus is on what its CEO is wearing:
  13. As The Next Web discovered, Facebook employees documented their big day using Instagram, which will soon be a part of Facebook.
  14. I guess something happened here this morning.
  15. Tumblr's Editor-in-Chief Chris Mohney had his own take on the IPO in inevitable GIF form: