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End prison rape, start Twitter controversy

We know America's become pretty polarized over politics lately, but seriously, people: you can dislike President Obama AND dislike prison rape, too.


  1. Right-wing columnist Tammy Bruce might have written something nice about President Obama once, but we were unable to find it. So her take on the new guidelines wasn't surprising:
  2. Bruce was far from the only one to wax snarkastic about prison soap.
  3. Bill Turner's Twitter biography says he is "National Director: United States of America Defence League. Fighting Sharia Law & Islam, In America." He doesn't approve of fighting prison rape, though.
  4. We're not sure if this next tweet comes from someone who supports or opposes gay rights, though a perusal of his other Tweets suggests he believes Obama was born in Kenya.
  5. That said, not all criticism of the Justice Department guidelines was motivated by anti-Obama sentiment. Many critics felt the guidelines didn't go far enough, especially for inmates suspected of immigration violations.
  6. There were also heartening levels of disdain shown toward those who chose to view prison rape as a partisan issue.
  7. Of course, not everyone who joked about the new guidelines was motivated by dislike of Obama or disdain toward prisoners. There were the usual generic (in the sense of non-partisan) joking as well.