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Celebrate Facebook's IPO with a meme

All the images that are fit to sticker for May 18, 2012.


  1. Today is a momentous moment in the life of 28-year-old Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO of Facebook. The once tiny website Zuckerberg started in his Harvard is now filing for its Initial Public Offering, allowing everyday Facebook users to own a piece of the world's largest social network. 

    In celebration of Facebook's IPO Canvas users turned the following photo of Zuckerberg into a meme
  2. Even the Twitter parody account of Zuckerberg's hoodie had a message to provide on this historic occasion:

    Friends, Pokers, Likers, lend me your sleeves;

    I come to you today on a momentous occasion of historic magnitude. In recent years we have been woven tightly through the threads of the social network known as Facebook. 

    It has brought together friends, families, and complete strangers around things you would have to stumble upon (literally) in the world around you to discover. 

    The hoodie represents comfort, exploration, and the connection of the world around something so pedestrian as a sweatshirt. 

    As Facebook begins trading publicly today, Friday May 18, 2012, wear your hoodie as I declare the Ultimate Casual Friday.

    Tweet your hoodie and Facebook related photos to @zuckerbergshood or #hoodiesup - it’s a cold world out there, we always have your back.