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The Kylie Chronicles: Anonymous vs. suicide trolls

A suicidal 15-year-old girl, a pair of trolls, Anti-Bullying Day, and Anonymous: They all came together overnight in a perfect storm of swift, social media justice. Curated by Lorraine Murphy (@raincoaster) for @dailydot


  1. Kylie Kylem is a 15-year-old high-school student and Twitter user, and she's in pain. For some "friends," that was enough reason to spend a few hours on social media trying to encourage her to commit suicide. That's when Anonymous stepped in and the trolls quickly learned what it meant to anger the Internet.
  2. And that is when they struck. The account was @Haylie_Foster17, although at the time of the attack it was called KillYourselfKylie.
  3. And with that, she went dark. The names listed above are her real-life schoolmates, who have been allegedly bullying her in real life.
  4. Another troll entered the fray, retweeting and goading the original.
  5. That's when Web vigilantes stepped in.