Tablets4Schools Conference 2013

Tony Parkin provided an admirable tweeting summary of the conference, so I've *storified* his tweets as a form of note taking and reference. [thanks Tony]

  1. Dr.Barbie Clarke "Tablets help with the democratisation and personalisation of education" #T4S2013 #ukedchat
  2. #T4S2013 More praise from Barbie for the pioneering schools, the 'risk-takers' like Cramlington LV that have joined the research initiative
  3. #T4S2013 Barbie: Importance of strong & committed leadership, not just committed teachers, seen to be key from the research. #usualfinding
  4. #T4S2013 Barbie : Research Concerns - esafety, reliable sources, teacher work-life balance, and distraction by device all identified
  5. #T4S2013 Change of programme as Matthew Hancock MP (who is a Minister, though in BIS) tells us of the Govt's approach to tablets
  6. Matt Hancock: Where Govt hears technology has measurable impact, they will help promulgate best practice. Evidence-driven only! #T4S2013
  7. #T4S2013 Next up is Prof David Buckingham of Loughborough Uni, also on Tablets for Schools advisory group. Was once an MRO in ILEA with me
  8. #T4S2013 Buckingham takes a quick canter through the failed technology-based revolutions that were promised to change schools forever
  9. #T4S2013 Buckingham: Technology does not make change, teachers do. So if tablets are to make a difference, CPD is extremely important
  10. #T4S2013 Buckingham: Digital Literacy a key issue - enabling learners to evaluate and critically assess information is a major issue
  11. #T4S2013 Buckingham says he is sceptical but not cynical about tablets as learning devices, the key will be how they are implemented
  12. #T4S2013 Buckingham scathing about some tablet approaches that see the tablet as textbook replacements. Students need creative approaches
  13. #T4S2013 next up is another prof - Colleen McLaughlin who says she echoes many of the points David Buckingham made
  14. #T4S2013 interestingly Colleen McLaughlin appears to have bought into the Hole in the Wall myth, & believes it had a lasting impact
  15. #T4S2013 McLaughlin again echoes the importance of school leadership, and the need for a school to engage with the local community
  16. #T4S2013 McLaughlin quotes work of Helen Timperley in NZ on professional learning context, & need for teacher dissonance to achieve change
  17. #T4S2013 McLaughlin: to achieve deep learning there needs to be serious investment in teacher professional development to shift thinking
  18. MT @digitalmaverick: McLaughlin's “most important slide” highlights how crucial dissonance is #t4s2013
    MT @digitalmaverick: McLaughlin's “most important slide” highlights how crucial dissonance is #t4s2013
  19. #T4S2013 Buckingham responds to question that a content-driven curriculum is not appropriate for today's learning. Avoids 21C cliches :)
  20. #T4S2013 Andrew Harrison quick to talk about the camera/microphone/creative aspects of tablets, rather than the digital textbook idea
  21. "@yallsop: Dr.Barbie Clarke 'It is not about the device, it is about pedagogy." So what's new???? #T4S2013 @T4STweets"
  22. #T4S2013 Andrew Harrison clear that any possible tablet rollout must include best practice support and some form of accreditation programme
  23. #T4S2013 Longfield presentation keen to say that there has been a huge impact of tablets, but that it hasn't as yet been transformative
  24. Longfield Academy slot at #T4S2013 using champion teachers to try and develop strategic approaches that will enable transformative learning
  25. RT @digitalmaverick: Longfield Academy focus on 3 aspects of learning: Flipped Learning, Enquiry-based Learning & Project Learning #t4s2013
  26. Simple strategy used by Longfield - teachers give audio rather than written feedback. Seems to increase student engagement.
  27. Traditional approaches to CPD at Longfield haven't brought about transformation. Now addressing by mentoring - slow but effective #T4S2013
  28. Longfield strongly advocate use of strong covers for tablets - have had some real early challenges with breakages and insurance #T4S2013
  29. Honywood School: identified need to move school from a 'compliance model' to a growth mindset approach. Authentic pupil choice #T4S2013
  30. Personalisation and internal course package development have been central approaches as Honywood develop curriculum resources. #T4S2013
  31. Some teachers hide resources, Miss Sanderson has been putting all resources on open access to allow children to plan & work ahead #T4S2013
  32. Just as no handbag will ever do it all, there is no app that solves all learning problems. Miss Sanderson of Honeywood School at #T4S2013
  33. Confident Katy of year 9 at Honywood now tells the audience at #T4S2013 how the tablet's video features have helped her dance development
  34. Next up is Jack, also year 9, but his role is to explain how tablets helped him develop Humanities learning. Research, maps etc #T4S2013
  35. Shannon from Honywood gets to tell us about Maths. Project-based, individual and peer-evaluated, rather than worksheets #T4S2013
  36. Honywood's project-based, research led approach is clearly supported by tablets, great example of pedagogy leading the technology #T4S2013
  37. Simon Mason stresses Honywood's journey was pedagogy led. Finding it hard to find publishers & secondary schools that 'get it' #T4S2013
  38. Pupils have to learn to cope with undoubted distraction factor of the tablet. They must take ownership of that challenge. Mason at #T4S2013
  39. Simon Mason: We've been too focussed on league tables & Ofsted in education. Get learning right & those problems sort themselves #T4S2013
  40. Phil Spoors of Cramlington LV has nice opener flight-case quiz. Spoiler - case holds everything that the Samsung tablets replace #T4S2013
  41. Phil Spoors: base their school's vision on Guy Claxton's Five 'R's plus additional R of their own - Respect. Cue Aretha Franklin track! :)
  42. Cramlington LV with a very positive mention for 'I AM LEARNING' among the many resources supplied over the tablets. #T4S2013
  43. Cramlington LV use a charitable contribution scheme with 95% parental buy in at £10/month for 2 years. ELearning Foundation model #T4S2013
  44. Cramlington : we made a big mistake not letting our staff become familiar with our tablets before we let the students have them #T4S2013
  45. Cramlington use Sparkbooks to continually evaluate pupils' uploaded work during lessons - rapid assessment and feedback vital #T4S2013
  46. @PhilSpoors says that parental liaison over school tablet scheme can take 30% of his time. Major resource commitment #T4S2013
  47. #T4S2013 holy moly - Cramlington Learning Village doing some amazing things with tablets. And guess what, they're not iPads.
  48. Hove Park School next session at #T4S2013. Good to see familiar faces... tweets reduced as my battery fades, not my enthusiasm :)
  49. Really interesting hearing Derek & Neil talk details of strategic leadership route Hove Park took to programme. Digital leaders etc #T4S2013
  50. #T4S2013 Using next sigmoid growth curve approach at Hove Park. Had turned round caterpillar - needed new approach to become butterfly
  51. Used one-off inspirational sessions alongside peer-coaching & raft of strategies. Lots of learning from experts & similar projects #T4S2013
  52. Hove Park use Lightspeed Mobile device management to give them the granularity of control & flexibility that they need #T4S2013
  53. Hove Park strongly supported by local authority, major help with support for the purchasing scheme to reduce leasing ripoffs #T4S2013
  54. If more schools had leadership teams with vision & management skills of Neil & Derek more technology rollouts would succeed #T4S2013
  55. Hove Park assessing changes in learning practice before & after iPads. Finding lots of positive gains - sharing, parental links etc #T4S2013
  56. Parents, even those antagonistic to ipad scheme, reporting greater involvement in their sharing in pupils work since ipads rollout. #T4S2013
  57. Hove Park seeing dramatic fall in behaviour problems - especially in pupil premium group! Is this an approach to help bridge gap? #T4S2013
  58. Derek Trimmer: Difficulties. We had to change technical team, especially the leadership of it, to bring about the changes needed #T4S2013
  59. Blunkett adds to the clear mantra of today which is 'you need to train teachers for tablets to be effective in schools' #t4s2013
  60. David Blunkett echoing comments from David Buckingham's session this morning on crucial importance of digital literacy education #T4S2013
  61. Very clear learning from #t4s2013 is get vision right, CPD for teachers, students on board, distribution of devices - in that order.