Learning the Basics of Dabbing

Spending some time exploring different essential oils and confirming they are safe for use is important.

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  1. The concept of dabbing is more familiar to than many people realize. The basic process is inhaling some type of essential oil or other extract using the right type of tools to control the flow of vapor from the product. When done properly, dabbing is an excellent way to enjoy many of the health benefits associated with essential oils that are perfectly legal. The trick is to master the basics and prepare to get the most from the experience. Here are some tips that will help.

    Choosing the Right Type of Essential Oil

    Essential oils are concentrates of oils derived from different types of plants. They are often used for exterior application, but there are oils that are safe to ingest. When it comes to using an essential oil for dabbing, it may be necessary to mix it with some type of carrier oil, such as olive oil. Doing so helps to produce the type of vapor needed to create a pleasant experience.

    Spending some time exploring different essential oils and confirming they are safe for use is important. While they are not being consumed per se, the smoker will be inhaling the vapor from the oil. If the oil is safe for use in aromatherapy treatments, it is likely a good choice for dabbing.

    The Right Type of Rig

    Once the product is prepared, it is placed in a device known as a dab rig. Most dab rigs include sealed bowls for the oil and pipes that allow the vapor to travel upward for inhalation. This is a little different from a standard water pipe, in that the oil is heated just enough to produce vapor and not smoke. With the right amount of heat, the smoker can enjoy a smooth and often calming effect from the oil.

    There are a number of rig designs on the market today. Some look a lot like water pipes, while others have long necks or some other additional features. Spend some time checking out different designs and see what provides the best effect. It does not hurt to have more than one type of rig on hand, based on whether the smoker wants to enjoy the vapor while sitting down, or would like to share the experience with a friend.

    Investing in Tools to Go with the Rig

    Some additional dab tools will help to make the experience easier to enjoy. For example, the right kind of torch or lighter will go a long way toward controlling the amount of heat used for the oil. Cleaning agents for the bowl will also make it easier to ensure that there are no traces of older oil left behind when the smoker wants to try something new.

    For help in finding the right rig and, visit dab tools today and have a look around. It will not take long to find everything to get started and learn how to make the most of this type of smoking experience.