Those not offended by @sweden's tweets.

Lost of people thought there was lots of hoopla over nothing (in Swedish fort the most part). Here's a few.


  1. "Totally retarded that it became a thing when @sweden said the J-word"
  2. Classic case of "don't mention the war" @sweden
  3. Oh, now "racist quotes" from @sweden are presented as facts. Because the Big Abroad says so?
  4. "The year we don't book a vacation to @Sweden" (somehow I missed the "geen" when I first saw this. Makes quite the difference. Apologies.)
  5. The country is still famous for something, as evidenced by this witty rapport:
  6. ouch.
  7. Repeat after me: WE CAN ALL STEREOTYPE.
  8. Nice with a @sweden who doesn't write only about gnomes, red cabins and how to bake cinnamonbuns. Finally.
    --- (Did the others?)
  9. The ones who predicted failure got were wrong again, @ hejsonja is a formidable success as @ Sweden!
  10.  "Kommunchef"  is a title, but I don't know if this man actually is an elected representative.
  11. "Pretty far-reaching generalizations about @ Sweden as a representative of "the average Swede" - and here's anothe twitters direct reply to Kommunchef's comment about the Mashable article:

  12. @Kommunchef @Sweden generalizations are the only thing they have when more objective knowledge does not exist. What do they know about any other country than the U.S.?