Some reactions to @sweden's tweets yesterday

Not sure what to say here really, other than this is a topic I'd rather hash out in a comment thread than on 140 chars on twitter, so I made this post about it:

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  1. When I tweeted a mashable link (or was it Gawker) I attracted the attention of Tomas here. Tomas thought we failed to see the funny. Tomas also wants everyone to know that we live in a free country. We don't, not in the US sense of the word though, nobody in Europe does. There's hate speech laws everywhere here, by the way, just to keep your Sweden Facts up to date.

    But sure, when it's not hate speech or holocaust denial, one is entitled to any opinion. And anyone is entitled to disagree with it.
  2. This is where Tomas blocked @adland. He already blocked @Dabitch earlier.
  3. Other reactions on twitter? Ranging from jawdrops to "you didn't get the joke peoples". Here's a few I found.