How to brand yourself as a dickhead in 6 tweets

This all began here - "Coca Cola drinks the social media kool-aid" - screendump provided as offending comment was deleted by @smithandteam.

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  1. Andra Precupanu (and a few other people like Murtaza Marvi ) began sharing their pov & ideas on what social media means for a brands bottom line. It spun off into a few interesting threads, and started at this gem: 
  2. And that's when this side-conversation happened. I screendumped it because I found it abrasive and quite sudden. I use conversations like these as examples when teaching social media seminars on how to and how not to engage. 
  3. Wait, he's selling his services? Cocky. I'll give him that.
  4. For you young'uns, this is a reference to the film The Hucksters and Beautee's boorish head man Evans played by Sydney Greenstreet
  5. I honestly had a hard time parsing that. Isn't validation something correctly coded web pages and people who validate your parking do? ;) I keed.
  6. I saw this float by in my stream and figured I'd be helpful to the digital guru in pointing him to the spelling error, that makes sure @kidsleepys doesn't see his reply.
  7. I was referencing an earlier tweet of mine, where the joke was that I tweeted it from both my accounts @dabitch & @adland - that I needed two cups of coffee to handle two accounts on a #sunday 
  8. But I seriously doubt that @smithandteam read it or got that it was a reference to that. Either way, he now decided to make a comment, and he's an effective man as he also used this as a blog post on his site. For the record, I did not call him a dickhead for soliciting comments via twitter.
  9. The comment thread on adland also got a visit from adhacker / @smithandteam. Mission accomplished.

    I created this storify as a record of what was said, seeking to find the "combative tweets" adhacker / smithandteam feels he has been subjected to (as he declares them to be in the comments on adland). I still don't know why asking for a comment at the article was such as sin in his eyes, and deserving of calling me names for daring to suggest it.
  10. ----------
    Epilogue: Monday March 25 the twitter account @smithandteam was reset to 0 following & 0 followers, and went back to the default easter egg image. This doesn't delete the tweets already collected in this storify. The Samuel Smith who tweeted us has changed his twitter handle to @SmithSamuelJ abandoning his previous twitter name.

    There have been no further updates to the ad agency / Consultancy / since the adland comment was posted as a post there