Some Counterintuitive Ideas for Parenting


  1. The normal reaction of most of the parents is to run to stop the kid when he/she picks up the sharp edged knife or climbs up a ladder. Furthermore, almost all of the parents insist on finishing the homework before the child goes to bed. In reality, these are rules which the children perceive as some pretty scary sets of instructions. So, it is worth discussing whether the child could do well without imposition of these scary rules.
  2. For starters, remember that healthy risk can actually help the children to be better. Yes, we want our kids to be safe, but safety doesn’t have to be associated with the consistent sheltering. Kid-sized risks and conflicts should be there for the kids to learn about problem solving in hostile environments. In other words, you cannot keep your child safe by keeping him/her away from the tools.
  3. With that said, there are a few tips that make your parenting style a bit radical for good are discussed below.
  4. Give access to the tools

  5. Scaring the child from using sharp knife doesn’t end up being something helpful in developing the personality of your child. Instead, you can teach your kid about using those hard and sharp tools. You can start by teaching your kid the cutting by giving him/her a banana and a butter knife. That should suffice for the practicing purposes. Then you can move towards little more sharp knives which make it easy for the small hands to have a firm grip. You need to train and guide consistently about the usage, the child will be able to protect himself.
  6. Time for the sad stories

  7. Focusing on the stories only with the happy endings can take children to fantasy worlds which do not belong to the world they live in. So, you should tell them sad stories occasionally. Children do not stay happy the entire time, and hence they need to cope with the big feelings. When you tell them the sad stories, they learn about managing those big emotions.
  8. Letting them interact with strangers

  9. It is one of our common instructions to the kids about avoiding talking to strangers. The main reason is that we want our kids to stay safe and away from harm’s way. Nevertheless, this is also the fact that it’s friends and family that hurt children more than others. Furthermore, kids need to learn about talking to someone in the time when there is a need to have some outside support. Keeping them away from strangers actually installs fears in their minds.
  10. Do not insist on homework

  11. While you can certainly do something manage time appropriately to bring your child on the homework desk, the younger fellow might not be interested in doing the homework. And, it also doesn’t sound very good to have a 7-year old struggling to finish the homework in order to go to sleep. Experts also suggest forcing a younger kid to complete homework doesn’t deliver academic benefits.
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