Branding Yourself Through Tweets

For my semester project in my PR Social Media class I decided to take on the topic of perosnal branding. Through this curation you will learn the 411 on how to personally brand yourself through twitter. Always remember that the greatest brand in the world is YOU!


  1. How is social media affecting you? Check out this quick video for tons of fun social media facts!
  2. Social Media Revolution 2011
  3. Ever heard the expression what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Well here's a new one you'll probably hear more often, what you put online stays online, FOREVER. So always remember, think before you post! This is crucial, especially because we live in a society where everything is run by the internet and social media networks. 

  4. So how does this tie into personal branding? Easy, just remember that everything you post online reflects you as a person. You create an image online and people can either view you in a positive or negative way, depending on what you post. Of course everyone wants to have a positive personal image online but how do you "brand" yourself or make yourself stick out from other people online? The answer: Finding a unique way and knowing how to brand yourself.
  5. What does it mean to brand yourself? Basically it comes down to how you build an online presence using social networks and blogs and how the public views you. 
  6. I have come to the conclusion that the fastest and easiest way to brand yourself online is through Twitter. 
  7. Why you ask? Twitter has given people the power to control how others view them. You can connect with others and things your interested in and others can see who you follow and what your interests are. Twitter is the simplest way because it's everywhere and it's free! View it as free marketing, something we can all use. Everything you tweet represents who you are and gives other that don't know you an idea of your online identity. 
  8. How to Use Twitter For Personal Branding
  9. Always remember: 

  10. Why is it important that you start branding through twitter?

  11. Now if you have the time I highly recommend this video! It's branding through twitter in a nutshell, it goes step by step and I found it to be very useful!

  12. How To Build Your Brand On Twitter
  13. I also found that the easiest way to start branding yourself through Twitter was to follow those that talk about branding through Twitter, so here are a few accounts I suggest you follow (trust me, they are definitely part of my personal learning network as well)
    1. Learn to brand yourself, control the internet.
  14. 2.  I find this one extremely helpful for undergrad and recent grads, it's all about branding yourself and getting that dream job! 
  15. 3. We are all brands, find out which one works best for you!

  16. 4. And a personal favorite, follow my groups twitter that deals with... you guessed it branding! Shows you different ways to brand yourself and why it's important.