SEMANTiCS 2014 - The Hockey Stick effect

An Hockey Stick graph typically shows a long-term decline followed by an abrupt rise. Semantic Web has been continuously losing traction over the years. All of a sudden we've seen a massive adoption of common vocabularies and Linked Data approaches that show that time for this rise might have come.

  1. This is a collection of stories and facts that I've been collecting this year in Leipzig at the SEMANTiCS Conference 2014: one of most well known events for the Semantic Web community in Europe

  2. Here is the scary graph showing the decline of interest in Semantic Web technologies from the general public over Google Trends. 
  3. The Breadth of Success according to Phil Archer (W3C) 

    2014 is a terrific year

    - 25 years of the Web;
    - 20 years of W3C;
    - SEMANTiCS 10.


  4. Here is Phil's keynote talk.
  5. Phil sees the Hockey Sticks effect but also knows that...

  6. The maturity of the technology stack is clear - Orri Erling's presentation is a must to this regard. Showing Virtuoso's achievements in competing with industry standard RDBMS like SQL and Oracle. You will find strengths, death traps, opportunities and great metaphors to get you started with an enterprise Linked Data architecture. 

    Congratulations to Orri Erling and the OpenLink team!  
  7. They are the people who have been working in the last 14 years (!!!) on these technologies to prove to the World...Yes, we can be as fast as you need.  
  8. Here is the list of the enterprise clients of Virtuoso...
  9. Here follows an interesting demonstration of a two-level faceted navigation system using topic pies and cutting out concepts that don't fit in the pie using a statical approach. Presentation from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt in Germany - very well prepared and executed.   
  10. BBC Linked Data Architecture

    From the News & Media publishing sector here is the voice of @sofiangeletou from BBC - the very first mover in this industry and continuous source of inspiration for our work with WordLift and Redlink.  
  11. While obviously extremely advanced the Linked Data Architecture of BBC seemed (in a complete different scale) quite aligned with our work on WordPress (WOW!) - I haven't seen more features than what we offer or can offer using Redlink and our set of CMS plugins - I rather saw:

    - the confirmation that these technologies bring tremendous value for publishers 
    - the fact that we're unique in commoditising semantic publishing workflows  
    - BBC as keeping ahead of any other publisher in the World
  12. Here is a good insight from BBC
  13. And a mention to the Desert Island Disc archive project...
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