My experience at Eastercon, as told by my tweets.

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  1. I started my con experience by doing an essay, as you do.
  2. Having finished the essay, I actually got to Eastercon! Just in time for the Talk on Cassini and Saturn, by Leah-Nani Alconel.
  3. I then stayed in the main hall for the Archery talk.
  4. No more tweets until There's A Hole In My Plot.
  5. I went to one panel, but left it to go to another - Tales From The Typographical Ocean, a look at fanzines from different decades.
  6. I also went to Fan Culture (Buffy, pub your ish!). This was interesting in some places, but wasn't at all what I expected.
  7. I say legit bored, but I actually wasn't or I'd have left. There was a comment in the panel that I didn't tweet about until after it was over, as I wasn't sure exactly how to word myself.
  8. Clearly the time I took led to verbal eloquence. I still think comments like that are uncalled for.
    Next came the pub quiz, where I tweeted but one thing.
  9. The next tweets are just evening retweets.