1. A copy of the bill as it goes into the House Judiciary Committee:
  2. The issue of SOPA and PROTECT IP are not new. Both build off of similar bills introduced but not passed by Congress in past years. One of the opponents of the bills and the consequences of such legislation is Senator Ron Wyden, who explained in this video earlier this year why PROTECT IP (and SOPA by extension) would be bad for the internet and bad for the US at large.
  3. Senator Ron Wyden interviewed at Web 2.0 Summit 2011
  4. In the run up to the battle of the bills in Congress, many internet-based companies have come out against the legislation. 
  5. Over the last few weeks, the debate within the Silicon Valley has heated up as well. At times, things have gotten downright nasty as companies pick their side and consumers do as well.
  6. Meanwhile, numerous organizations dedicated to free speech, privacy, and open internet platforms also took their stance against the bill.
  7. As would be expected, many netizens are closely following the issue and posting their objections online.
  8. And so the stage was set for the hearings on the bill in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Online, not many people were impressed.