Curry College Class of 2017 Orientation: #1,#2

The "story" of New Student Orientation 2013 thus far, as told by Tweets, Vines, Video and Instagram photos. Content from the Class of 2017 (#CC2017), OLs + more.

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  1. Before the Start of  Orientation 2013 the OLs Welcomed the Class of 2017 (and did the wave...)

  2. Orientation Leaders Welcome the Class of 2017
  3. the orientation leaders are excited to welcome the class of 2017! #CC2017 #CurryCollege
  4. Ok, Here We Go! Orientation Session #1

  5. Orientation Includes a Fun Scavenger Hunt to Discover the Places/Offices on Campus that are Integral to Student Success.

  6. With Day Turning to Night, Skits, a BBQ and Activities Begin.

  7. The Class of 2017 and their OLs Take to Social Media to Share their Thoughts on Orientation Session #1.

  8. It was great meeting you all see you in the fall #cc2017 #session1 #currycollege
  9. Orientation Session #2!