Types of Hair for Extensions and Weaves

Hair extensions or weaves can be made of synthetic or human hair.

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  1. Hair extensions or weaves can be made of synthetic or human hair. Synthetic hair is more cost-effective, but does not have the same look and feel as human hair. It can also dry out, fray, and frizz easier than human hair, making it less durable. Straight hair is recommended for people getting their first virgin weaves. It is the highest quality of human hair because it still has the cuticle intact, and it has not been processed at all. Straight brazilian hair, for example, is healthy and in the most natural state, so it can be bleached, blow-dried, curled, and straightened, depending on personal preferences.

    Clients can purchase brazilian hair directly from a salon, and have it weaved into their natural hair via a few different methods. Extensions can be clipped, glued, or beaded into hairWeaves can be sewn, braided, or glued into natural hair. The process can take from two to four hours, and has to be redone every two or three months. Weaves are attached to tightly woven braids close to the scalp to be virtually invisible, so as natural hair grows, the weave has to be reapplied closer to the scalp. The hair itself will last for a year or more with proper maintenance and care.

    Some people who know how to apply weaves can purchase the hair online at great prices. They can either weave the hair in themselves or have someone do it for them. It can save a lot of money, and a brazilian weave does arrive with detailed instructions. Hair is purchased in bundles of one hundred grams each, and it takes approximately three bundles to achieve a full look. Weaves are available in seven styles that include straight hair, various waves, and sew in weave. The more the hair is processed, the more maintenance is required, but all styles will look full and healthy with proper care.

    At night, hair should be twisted, and a satin cap should be worn to maintain moisture in the hair. Before washing, which needs to be done every seven to ten days, a pre-conditioning treatment needs to be applied to prevent the hair from drying out. Some styles can be brushed with a paddle brush, and others need to be finger combed to maintain the deep wave or curl. Curl definers can be used to redefine curly styles, and braiding at night can also redefine curls. Other human hair, such as Indian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hair is also available.