Our own worst enemy: why progressives and sex-positive activists struggle to change hearts and minds

Dane Ballard shares his communication and collaboration tips on sex positive education and activism at #ccon #cconact

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  1. We rarely approach the people whose minds we want to change in ways designed specifically to reach them. Instead, our approach is built around the ways WE see the world, a method that all but guarantees that our message will fail to ring true to its intended audience. First point that resonated: don't bully the people you're trying to reach. Listen first and respect their world view. Don't argue; use "yes, and..." rather than "no, you're wrong."
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  3. Another great point Dane makes: if there is someone within the sphere of influence you are trying to reach, ally yourself with that person, even if his/her agenda doesn't 100% match your own.
  4. A great reminder: you took months and years to evolve into your current point of view. Give others time to catch up. Don't expect anyone to change, evolve or agree overnight. After all, you didn't, right? Focus on keeping the conversation going.
  5. Love this analogy: cause-blocking (like cock-blocking). Remember your cause isn't the only one, and never expect others to be as passionate about it as you are.
  6. Dane also encouraged everyone to make strange bedfollows. Instead of accusing corporations or people of being sellouts when they get money behind the case, consider it a win when corporations start pandering to your case for PR. Don't be afraid to align with related causes under the header "if you're not against us, you're for us!"