Building a career talking about sex

Queerie Bradshaw gives advice to those wanting to speak or write about sex and sexuality for a living #ccon #cconcareer

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  1. Want to write or speak about sex, gender and sexuality for a living? Queerie Bradshaw shared tips on preserving anonymity, credentialing to boost credibility and how to make money talking about sex.
  2. And here's some advice for determining your ultimate goals.
  3. Queerie gave some food for thought about how you want to be categorized. One element that affects marketability and broad appeal, for example, is the erotica vs. romance story distinction.
  4. What about the stigma attached to writing about anything that is sexual in nature? Queerie's advice is to combat stigma with credentials.
  5. Drilling down into the writing itself, make sure you focus on your subject matter rather than the art of writing. The longstanding advice still rings true: if you want to be a writer, WRITE.
  6. OK, we've got the writing part down. Now, how do we grow our business and reputation? Answer: support others and share liberally.
  7. After a while, doubts might surface about your focus and whether you should shift it or drill down deeper. The advice here is to know your niche audience and keep on giving 'em what they want.
  8. In the question and answer portion, some queries arose about legal incorporation (not a lawyer, so call one!) and the technical details of preserving your anonymity and personal data.