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    Episode Name:
    White Hat's Back On
    Air date:
    With the identity of the mole now closer than ever, Olivia and her team are in very real danger. Meanwhile, the latest White House scandal pushes Cyrus to his limits, on the Season Finale of "Scandal".


    Over at Olivia Pope & Associates: Olivia heads straight into the office to get caught up. David is having a pretty big laugh about the President’s extramarital affair. He says that he hopes the other woman—whoever she is—has Olivia Pope on her team. Oh, the irony.

    Olivia then learns from her team that Cyrus isn’t the mole, Charlie is still on the lam, and whoever the mole is knows about election rigging. She runs straight to her safe and checks to make sure the Cytron card is still there—you know, the one from Defiance, Ohio that changed the course of history. The good news? It’s still safely hidden away from the world. The bad news? David Rosen sees it. He now knows for sure that Abby stole it from his apartment (and has lied about it ever since) and cost him his high-powered A.D.A. gig.

    Mellie’s new hire: Across the street from the White House, Mellie is having a chat with her own fixer. (And before you ask yourself, of course it’s not Olivia Pope.) Problem is, they’re not getting along too well. Mellie snaps at him to him know she’s in charge, but he’s better at this than she thinks. He calls her bluff and asks her why she didn’t bother to name the other woman. Looks like Mellie doesn’t want to play all of her cards at once.