The Best of #HealthySnackChat - April, 22 -

On April 22nd, 10.30-11.30AM, parents were sharing their tips and stories about healthy treats and questioning their little ones snacking habits.


  1. Eileen from @etspeaksfrom, Jenny from @TheBrickCastle, Anna from @unmziyad and Pippa from @RedRoseMummy were leading the chat.
  2. If you struggle to convince your children to eat sane and healthy food more regularly, find out how others do it thanks to this compilation of best tweets from this chat according to us @cultcontent
  3. Some wee ones are obviously very fond of fresh fruits and don't need to be begged to have some!
  4. Some parents are going for a slightly stricter approach
  5. ..while some just can't resist!
  6. But what to do when your children refuse to eat their greens?
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