TEDxSingapore - Inspiring Ideas To The Max

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 http://www.ted.com/tedx/events/3524


  1. "... in the celebration of TEDxSingapore's 3rd anniversary at our 15th idea event since our launch on 15 April 2009. We partnered with the newly-launching MAX Atria @ Singapore EXPO to host and curate what is our most aspirational TEDxSingapore event to date.

    "Inspiring Ideas To The Max" celebrates our human spirit and potential.

    Our innate drive has propelled us to heights of truly amazing and inspiring human endeavours, achievements and imaginations. How will we continue to strive to better ourselves, to maximise our fullest potential as individuals, as a people and as a species? 

    As we look upon our journey, we increasingly realise that our pursuit now requires us to equally seek "Inspiring Ideas To The Min" Can we eliminate disease, hunger, exploitation? How can we reduce our reliance on fast-depleting resources like food, energy, water? Are we willing to achieve our own greatness at the expense of other people, other nations, our planet, and the well-being our children for whom we create the future? 

    Max or Min? If less is the new more, can we truly desire to have more of less?

    Will our legacy be Greatness or Greed? Good or Bad?

    What deeply matters to you?

    What do you want in life?

    What will you do?"

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  3. Welcome to TEDxSingapore's 15th event on its 3rd anniversary.
  4. Full Session of TEDx Talks "Inspiring Ideas To The Max"
  5. First speaker: Jason Pomeroy is an architect, academic, and founder of Pomeroy Studio, an evidence-based design studio of international architects, urbanists, designers and theorists at the forefront of the Asian green built environment agenda. He graduated with distinction from the Canterbury School of Architecture and has a masters degree from Cambridge University. His research at Cambridge focussed on skycourts and skygardens in a 21st century vertical city model, and actively researches carbon zero development. approach that enable sustainable built environments from the micro scale of a dwelling to the macro scale of the city. Jason applies academic research to commercial projects in the interests of sustainability and innovation through projects like Idea House: the first carbon zero prototype house in South East Asia, Vision Valley Malaysia, and an 80,000 acre Network Garden City extension of Kuala Lumpur. He lectures, publishes, the author of Idea House: Future Tropical Living Today, and is finalising a book Greening the urban habitat: the role of the Skycourt and skygarden. Jason is an adjunct professor of Mapua Insitute of Technology; honorary professor of Nottingham University, and a visiting faculty to Cambridge, IE and Hawaii Universities, and sits on the editorial board of the Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.