Festival of Biodiversity 2012

A celebration of Singapore's natural heritage. http://festivalofbiodiversitysingapore.wordpress.com/ http://www.nparks.gov.sg/festivalofbiodiversity/


  1. Curated by Gladys Chua (@cubismwonder) and Ivan Kwan (@varanussalvator)
  2. Why do we need a Festival?

  3. From N. Sivasothi's Why we need to talk about the birds and the bees:


    ""In land-scare Singapore, flora and fauna do not hold freehold tenure over any spot, even protected nature reserve land.”

    Well, we need imaginative people in government and the private sector, thinking about better and more sustainable ideas in the design and management of cities and their needs. It’s difficult to restore loss of this sort, which does not occur in isolation but is accompanied with extensive ramification. And we’ll need an increasingly active community, aware of the issues and willing to engage. And, energetic enough to do so.

    This is happening somewhat, because it is a fundamental need if our state is to persist. And some smart ideas have emerged. But we are always in need of new ideas and one hopes, thinkers who come with an adequate exposure or are able to learn very quickly on the job.

    This is probably why the naturalist community, which in any generation has experienced tremendous change and loss, pay a great premium to education and engagement with the public. The field comes with an immediate sense of urgency and it becomes a second nature to many to learn, share, organise and motivate. So they have been talking for decades."


    "Recently, the community got together as a Biodiversity Roundtable, to talk, for we rarely sit down to do so, and to plan. Mostly about wrestling with difficult conversations in the meetings ahead. But this indefatigable group also decided to mount an exercise in education and engagement – this time in the form of a central, and hopefully annual, Festival of Biodiversity in May.

    We are not yet ready to announce this yet, but the partners are preparing,recruiting volunteers and clearing calendars. We need to be present in enough numbers to engage the bus loads who will be coming to the Singapore Botanic Gardens in celebration of our natural heritage.

    This community keeps going, because they feel everyone needs to know about our animals and plants, forests and seas. Find a space for them in our hearts, and we will find a space for them in our land. And in the process, give those who come after us, a cause for celebration."

  4. Among the preparations for the Festival of Biodiversity was a community artwork project:
  5. As well as a Biodiversity Challenge activity:
  6. The people helping to plan the Marine Biodiversity Exhibition also had no shortage of creative ideas to cater to younger audiences: