The debate: #Guncontrol, #mentalillness and #SandyHook

Conservative thinker David Frum was one of the first to urge Americans to tackle the issue of what he calls a "permissive gun regime” behind recent mass shootings, with a bitter tweet. Will the debate continue and carry into the political sphere?

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  1. And then it went viral
  2. Frum shot back and filed a column
  3. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who spoke out after the Aurora, Colo. shootings in July, renewed his campaign.
  4. And the debate picked up steam, with all the Sunday morning political programs and news sites devoting time to the discussion.
  5. The National Rifle Association halted posting to its social media accounts Friday afternoon, but others chimed in, on both sides of the argument:
  6. Liberals, following in the likes of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin by calling for gun control. It will only lead to a tyrannical government enslaving the people even more. Gun regulation is NOT the answer. #guns #liberals #hitler #stalin #guncontrol #livefree #selfdefense #republican #democrat #libertarian #governmentlies #governmentsucks #2ndamendment #righttobeararms
  7. On both sides of the debate on gun control, there are calls for more attention to mental illness
  8. The twitterverse picked up on a surprise: a profound article on a website known mostly for celeb gossip and satire:
  9. And beyond opinions, there were facts.