The big freeze: A cold snap descends on Western Canada

Parts of Western Canada were under a deep freeze Saturday, as temperatures in cities like Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg dipped below -25 C. The cold seemed to reach its peak in Saskatchewan, where several wind chill warnings were in effect. In Regina, the mercury dropped to a bitter -42 C.

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  1. If they hadn't already done so, the cold snap forced residents to haul the parkas, mitts and gloves out of the attic. Or, in some cases, borrow clothes:
  2. Some people may have been caught off-guard by the bitter cold as Canada heads into the winter season:
  3. While British Columbia wasn't as cold, residents there still had to bundle up for unseasonably low temperatures. In southeastern B.C., a wind chill warning was in effect for the Kootenay Park region, where arctic air combined with winds were expecting to push the mercury down to the -35 C mark.
  4. Others decided to make the best of the incoming winter season:

  5. our guests from California and the Philippines enjoying some Canadian prairie winter!! -39 C !!! #ccf #ccfcanada #ccfla #winter #canada #saskatchewan #snow
  6. The weather didn't stop residents from heading outdoors:
  7. This is what -30-ish in #Saskatchewan looks like. Almost died from Planet Hoth-esque exposure just walking from grocery store to hotel. But hey, it's sunny! Bruno tonight at 7pm? St. Albert AB tmrw at 2pm. #willyoubemywampa? #thelonelyendoftherink
  8. The low temperatures also couldn't stop some from enjoying a dinner-hour sunset: