1. Isabel kicked off the conversation with a personal account of her experiences going through physical rehabilitation following a serious accident. She talked about the limitations of available therapeutic tools and exercise regimes.
  2. Her own experiences led her to set up Immersive Rehab, where she works on designing engaging and motivating VR interventions for physio rehabilitation.
  3. Immersive Rehab's Virtual Reality Rehab Platform - Fun Fair Towers
  4. British athlete David Smith using Immersive Rehab's VR rehab platform w/ neurostim at Neurokinex (1)
  5. Skip echoed Isabel's findings and talked about his own work with VR in medical practice, from using VR to help soldiers with PTSD, to the development of AI agents within VR worlds.
  6. How virtual reality is helping soldiers recover from war | Skip Rizzo | TEDxManhattanBeach
  7. The speakers talked about the ethics of VR in health with optimism, whilst acknowledging the challenges ahead. These include managing patient data, and a better understanding of social interactions in VR worlds and their consequences outside of them.
  8. The Q&A touched on the social and collaborative aspects of VR therapy, on what's holding back uptake of VR in medical practice, and what the future holds for VR. We discussed haptic technologies, more responsive technologies through AI and standalone headsets.

  9. As usual, for those of you who want to revisit the conversation or were unable to attend, a recording of the event is available below.
  10. Mobile Health Meetup #8 - Virtual reality for health with Isabel Van De Keere and Skip Rizzo
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  12. Thanks to Isabel and Skip for the really engaging conversation and insights & to all those who attended!


  13. Until next time, we leave you with this wonderful illustration of the meetup and ideas shared by Stefano Belluccci Sessa.
  14. Last shoutout goes to Dayan & Webb for the absolutely delicious food! Who knew you could have a successful meetup without pizza?


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