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Mobile Health Meetup #7: Exploring design around end of life care

For our first Mobile Health Meetup of 2017 we were joined by Ivor Williams from the Helix Centre and Cassie Robinson from Doteveryone and the Point People to talk about digital and service design for end of life care.


  1. The discussion started with Ivor introducing areas where our approach to end of life care needs to change.
  2. Giving examples from their own work, Cassie and Ivor shared insights on the challenges of trying to change practice in the healthcare sector. They talked about the difficulties of replacing or introducing new processes or artefacts.
  3. Even the redesign of an existing tool such as a Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) form can have a significant impact on conversations around end of life care.
  4. During the Q&A, we talked about the right time and place for technology in healthcare. Ivor shared his experience of working on Cove – a musical journal to capture mood. In this case, technology offers a creative space for people to express feelings that they might otherwise feel unable to share with others.

  5. For those who want to delve back into the conversation, or who were unable to attend, here's the audio & video recording of the event.
  6. Mobile Health Meetup #7 - Exploring design around end of life care with Ivor Williams and Cassie Robinson
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  8. Thank you again to Cassie and Ivor for the thoughtful insights, and to everyone who joined us on the evening for the thought-provoking conversation. We look forward to seeing you next time.
  9. Books, people, projects mentioned during the talk: