Mobile Health Meetup #6: Designing with the dementia community

For our 6th Mobile Health Meetup, we were joined by Holly Brenan from ustwo and Alice Osborne from Active Minds to talk about designing with the dementia community across digital and non-digital products and services.

  1. Holly Brenan, user experience designer at ustwo, started the conversation by introducing Keepsake - a pilot digital product that helps carers and management staff reduce the amount of time they spend documenting with pen and paper.
  2. Keepsake – Exploring the future of Dementia care
  3. Alice Osborne, head of design at Active Minds, talked about their process for researching and designing engaging activity products and games for people living with dementia.
  4. Scent Product for Dementia - Scentscape
  5. Our own Emilie Glazer spoke about our work on Dementia Citizens – a citizen science platform connecting people affected by dementia with researchers to find ways to improve dementia care.
  6. Read more about our work on Dementia Citizens and our lessons from engaging with people with dementia and their carers throughout the research and design process.
  7. Different themes discussed during the meetup included the role of reminiscence, storytelling and creativity in dementia care, the differences between designing physical and digital products, and the challenges of designing and testing in real-world environments across informal and formal care settings.
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